About Us

I'm Andrew and this is my family – meet my wife Alicia, our young son Sam and then there’s Max, our playful staffy.

Our boy Sam


This is Sam, born in 2018. Like all parents, we just want him to be happy, healthy and comfortable in his own skin… literally! Within the first 8 weeks of Sam being born, we noticed his skin was very dry and so we frequently moisturised his skin and started to explore some of the reasons this could have been. It wasn’t until he was around 16 weeks old that the doctor explained he had eczema and gave us some suggested management strategies. This led to a greater awareness of not only his diet and environment, but also of how important it was to be mindful of what was coming into contact with his skin in his everyday life.  Today, Sam still experiences bouts of dry skin and eczema, but is now well managed and does not seem to cause him any distress when it does occur.


The foundation of our choice of products was set on our experience as new parents. We want to provide customers with a range of natural, sustainable products for their little ones, including clothing, manchester and dinnerware. In addition we have sourced award-winning toiletries care for the delicate skin and hair of babies, toddlers and children.


We hope you enjoy visiting our site. Any queries or comments, please let us know as we’d like to personally assist you.


"Naturally comfortable"